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Face masks for kids are just as important as face masks for adults, especially with the bleak news that coronavirus cases are currently surging across the US. On average, kids are considered lower risk for acquiring the COVID-19 disease, but it’s still a good idea to cover up. There are known severe variations of a disease linked to COVID-19, and health experts note that infected people with no symptoms can infect people in high-risk groups, like grandparents and other family members.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone over the age of 2 wear a face covering when in public or around people they don’t live with. And while it’s still uncertain if kids will return to school this year — perhaps with a face mask requirement — it’s still a good idea to stock up on enough masks for them to wear while out in public or playing.

Luckily, we found plenty of kids’ masks in a multitude of fun styles. Read on for what to consider when buying a mask for kids, and scroll through the selections. This story updates often.

Top things to know when buying face masks for kids

  • If they wear glasses, consider styles that go around the back of the head or neck, instead of the ears. Also, a contoured face mask shape may work best with glasses.
  • If your child has breathing problems, such as asthma, the CDC suggests they should not wear a face mask.
  • Is your kid active? Some companies are using a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, like cotton, which is better suited for the summer heat. 
  • We recommend buying several face masks for your child to rotate out while the others are being washed.
  • If the face mask winds up making your child’s ears sore, here are recommendations to make it more comfortable.


Carter’s, a clothing brand company for kids, is now making face masks. The masks are 100% cotton.

Etsy sellers offer a wide range of face masks for kids.

Vista Print

Vistaprint has contoured face masks with adjustable nose pieces for kids.

Old Navy

Old Navy has tons of face masks in different colors and designs for kids. The masks are made from 100% cotton and have three layers.


Athleta, a performance and activity clothing line, is making face masks for kids. The masks are sold in five-packs for $30.


Gap is selling face masks in packs of three for $15. The masks are made from three layers of cotton.


Disney is officially selling face masks, including The Avengers and Baby Yoda masks. They come in sets of four for $20. The company will donate all mask profits (up to $1 million) to MedShare.


Purple, the company known for its mattresses, is now making face masks. The masks are sold in pairs for kids for $20.


MaskClub is a new company that’s donating medical-grade masks to the First Responders Children’s Foundation for every mask sold. It offers designs such as Elmo and Paw Patrol that it hopes will make kids more comfortable wearing them. 


Bonrisu makes handmade cotton face masks for kids. The masks have a filter pocket and adjustable straps. For every mask bought, the company is donating a mask to communities in need.


Stitchroom makes face masks for children from 2-8 years old.


SwaddleDesigns, a baby blanket company, is making face masks. The masks are designed by a nurse and have two layers of cotton flannel fabric.


Jaanuu, a medical apparel brand, is making antimicrobial-finished face masks for kids. You can buy a five-pack of masks for $25.


PaigeLauren is selling face mask sets for adults, children and mini sizes.


Mamask face masks come with one copper ion fabric filter. The masks are made of 100% woven cotton.

For more face mask tips, here’s what you need to know about making your own face mask at home. Also, if you still need an adult face mask, check out our list of online stores.

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