Topic 1: How to trust media reviews, Almost since inception of this park has we’ve talked on and off about video game review manipulations and of course when tactics get updated we usually say something but this is different.

I just wanna know do you guys consider any location designated for reviews credible or can only fan reviews be trusted because reviews by way of business are too easily manipulated or entertainment companies willfully block them or buy them from saying something truthful that they don’t like about their product?

Topic 2: Board games have had close to a 20 or more percent year over year income gross as an industry for I believe close to 5 years now, do you think it is in part because more video game companies have become more interested in making traditional hobby games with their characters and franchises? Or do you feel that due to the complexity that inherently is built into traditional modern board games have more of universal appeal and what do you think the game industry can learn from board games to become more inclusive?

Topic 3: Tokyo game show has reached the midway point as of the recording of this Podcast or is on it’s final day what are some cool things you’ve seen and wanna talk about, besides final fantasy 7 because we all going to talk about that?

Topic 4: Are card games or video game franchise based card games better off in a physical or digital only format? Keep in mind the limitations of your deck does not carry over to new games or new platforms is still in effect.

Topic 5: Are there too many retro systems or are retro systems even necessary? Although they are well loved and constantly run out of production retro meaning video game systems have become a highly sought after novelty in the current era video game.

However every single game on these retro systems can easily be Uploaded for digital purchase online on every system under the Sun. Yet in numerous occasion’s these games are not found on virtual council stores but would take very little effort to be transported to them, so she company still be making these many systems or is it safe for them to get out while they’re ahead and just throw them onto a virtual council store what do you think?


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