Weight loss: How to burn unwanted fat without cutting out your favourite foods

Lockdown in the UK is becoming looser which means Brits can return to a somewhat normal life. With fast food restaurants and takeaways available again, it may be tempting for many to overeat and pile on the pounds. One nutritionist from LivLife has shared her top tips on how to eat mindfully and make healthier choices which can help you lose weight without cutting out your favourite foods.

Mindful eating is all about making healthier food choices and not drastically cutting out food groups from your diet completely.

A recent study of 2000 Brits by health and wellbeing brand, LivLife has revealed that almost 32 percent of British millennials tried mindful eating – the practise of observing the food you eat – during and after the lockdown.

It uncovered that just under 19 percent are eating more healthily because they are less active and in a bid to curb repeated trips to the fridge.

However 33 percent admitted that they are snacking more as they are spending a lot more time at home, with some working from home too.

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“You could also make new habits; if you didn’t regularly have breakfast in pre-lockdown life, start a new routine of avocado on toast and maybe it’ll become a new healthy habit.”

Seated snacking

Vicky explained: “Research shows that those who practice mindful eating will eat smaller portions and make healthier choices.

“Try making sure that you take a seat to eat, even a snack, and pay attention to enjoying your food rather than being distracted by the television or your laptop.”

Be prepared

The expert said: “As you start to leave home more often to go to the office or picnic in the park, resist the temptation to grab a disappointing wrap and crisps from the shop and prepare a small picnic that you will enjoy.

“Make sure it is high in protein so you aren’t tempted to snack on empty calories later.”

Shop mindfully

Vicky said: “Not being able to eat what we want, when we wanted has helped us to plan our meals for the week. Keep up the good habit by setting aside a little time each week to write a shopping list that will ensure your trolley is full of healthy nourishing food and not sugary impulse purchases.

“Aim for healthy carbs with lots of colour from vegetables, proteins to keep you fuller for longer and good fats from nuts and seeds.”

Schedule lunch

The nutritionist explained: “Make a big deal out of lunchtime! As many of us return to our office desks, the inclination to grab a coffee for breakfast or packet of crisps for lunch and work at our desk will resume.

“Plan a beautiful open sandwich packed with colour and eat it away from your desk at roughly the same time every day. This will help you get back into a routine and keep your blood sugar roller-coaster from going off the tracks towards the snacks.”

Dieting is not for everyone which may mean that mindful eating may help assist in weight loss.

Rather than drastically cutting your calorie intake and barking on an intense diet, mindful eating can still help you lose weight but in a more healthier way.

Also incorporating some of your favourite foods into your diet still will mean that you won’t result in binge eating if you were to drasticall

source: express.co.uk