If you are wondering whether you should buy Modern Warfare in 2020, then this video is for you. This is not an in-depth review, so do not expect me to explain everything. This is a quick answer to the question “should I buy modern warfare in 2020?” or “is modern warfare worth it in 2020?”. The video is one minute long, so it should be easy for you to say whether the game is good or not.

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  1. Yo I actually think theyll make a cold war cod. What I mean basically is:
    CIA and KGB(I hope they make main characters on each side and in the end they find each other). I hope the story is long and has a flow like B01. I really hope they set it in the 1960s too! You get a chance to play as that russian submarine hero during the Cuban missile crisis( I don't remember his name) they could make a small mission where you basically are in that submarine. I also hope the story really brings some change to cod stealth and really make the game full of suspense. But I don't believe they will actually do what i just stated above. I also hope for a spec Ops mode, and an amazing multiplayer. But they should make a legendary story this year, they really should!

  2. This is the most helpful video ever. I love it. Guess i'll wait for discount for this game.
    PS: Can my pc run this game on my gtx 1050ti 16gb RAM with i7 core?? And how can i be updated for the sale on this game??

  3. Is it worth it just for the campaign? I would love a story where they have a defective squad or something like that. Also I am new to the COD series and have only played ww2 ,what do you think the best one is? I don’t like killing civilians like in MW2 and I enjoyed ww2 a lot so maybe that would help.


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