Michael’s, 44, fans have been able to take a trip down memory lane over the past four weeks as the BBC opted to showcase the best moment of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show in light of the coronavirus crisis. Viewers have been able to relive some of the great highlights from the series and Saturday night’s instalment saw Robbie, 45, in the hot seat for Send to All. Before the comedian started wreaking havoc by writing a message which would be sent to all the contacts on the phone, he thought he’d have a look through the device. However, he wasn’t expecting to see one rather X-rated image of the celebrity.

The first surprising discovery the comedian made about the sportsman was the type of apps he had on his phone and he seemed rather bewildered by a mediation app.

After following the rather unusual instructions on how to keep yourself calm, Michael remarked: “This is the most unexpected thing I have ever found.”

Then the funnyman decided to scroll through the sportsman’s picture gallery, which featured images of him posing and socialising with other famous faces.

However, it was a shot of Robbie posing naked which left the 44-year-old horrified and completely lost for words.

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“I think everybody you’ve ever known has texted back,” Michael said as he kicked off with Alan Shearer’s, 49, reply.

“He just put, ‘You’re a weirdo, that’s what’,” the comedian read, before going to tell Robbie what Sir AP McCoy, 46, had responded.

“He’s just gone with, ‘I hope you meant to send that to Gabby Logan and not me’,” he continued, with Freddie Flintoff, 42, also getting in on the action.

“He’s gone with, ‘The weirdest part is me or you being naked, it’s actually presenting Match of the Day’.”

Reading a reply from Robbie’s best friend from Wales, the comedian said: “‘Hello geez. Trust the family are well, mate’.

“‘Interesting one. To dream of a close friend can mean you missing him. There are various meanings for being naked’,” the text continued, with the friend going on to research the footballer’s dream further.

Reading another message from the same friend, Michael continued: “‘Some research suggests that being naked is an insecurity thing and you feel you’re not in control.’

“‘Is all ok with the family and the job?’” they asked, which left the sportsman and the comedian in hysterics.

Michael McIntyre’s Big Laughs is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

source: express.co.uk


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