Gemma Atkinson, 35, met her now-boyfriend Gorka Marquez, while partnered up with professional dancer Aljaž Skorjanec, 30, on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017. However, the Emmerdale favourite revealed she had worries about where their romance would go once the programme’s live tour came to an end.

It comes after Gemma opened up about her worries while speaking to her former Hollyoaks co-stars Kelly Condron and Alex Carer in a video on The Dog In The Pond YouTube channel.

While reflecting on how she and Gorka were inseparable during the tour, the actress divulged: “When we finished Strictly, we went on tour, and we were together every day.

“After the tour, we said we want it to be something, but the thing with Strictly is, and you’ll know from theatres and tours and stuff, everything is done for you.”

Gemma explained: “When we were travelling anywhere, they booked your travel, they booked your hotel, it’s a very nice, comfy bubble that you’re in for a bit with Strictly where all you need to do is get your call sheet, pack your case, and everything is done for you.

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“So there is no kind of real life stress or issues, or worries to deal with and in the back of my head, I thought, once this is all over, we might annoy the hell out of each other,” she shared.

The BBC star added: “You know when you say it’s like the bubble you’re in, and once the show ends and you’re like, ‘Ugh, this is real life.’

“So we said let’s just go away, the two of us, and see what happens,” she recalled.

“We went to Tenerife for five days.”

“You would have to come back home on the Sunday, so I only got to see Gorka in the live shows.”

Gemma reflected: “It was a bit embarrassing because it was in the paper that we were seeing each other before we were, and I remember thinking, ‘Christ I hope he doesn’t think I’m going round saying [it] to people.'”

The star went on to tell Kelly and Alex how she then asked one of Gorka’s friends to let him know that she hadn’t been spreading rumours about them.

While looking back on what she said, Gemma stated: “Please let him know I haven’t said anything, I didn’t want it to look like it was me, and I didn’t know he was saying the same thing to his mates!”



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