Weight loss: Adding hot drink to your diet three times a day is linked to lower belly fat

Coffee has been said to have weight loss properties for some time. Now, a study has found drinking a certain amount of the hot drink is linked to less belly fat in women.

“It is important to interpret the findings of this study in light of its limitations – the study was at a specific point in time so trends cannot be established.

“However, we don’t believe that someone’s weight is likely to influence their coffee consumption.”

Another hot drink has been linked to weight loss too.

Green tea weight loss properties have been found in a number of studies. 

One person whose slim frame has always impressed fans is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton’s weight is the envy of many, as she has always been lithe and healthy. 

In her younger years she enjoyed sports like hockey and while at university was a member of a running club.

But as is the case with most people, diet also plays into the Duchess of Cambridge’s fitness. What does she eat?

source: express.co.uk