Overwatch is considered as a massive hit released in 2016 by Blizzard, while Valorant is an groundbreaking Team-based Shooter video game that is expecting to released in summer of2020. Both titles are identical shooters but have lots of differences. Players are capable of selecting certain characters in each round to join, and all playable characters have unique abilities and an unusual move to perform, serving as the major part of Overwatch. Although both titles have lots of similarities, a set of differences is also there to discover.

After playing, several players find they can be easily eliminated from round in Valorant. In contrast, in Overwatch, players have a health bar, and they will remain alive until the bar gets empty. Also, Valorant introduces real-life artillery, where the latter has hundreds of unique weapons that you haven’t seen in the world.

Playable Game Modes

Overwatch comes with many objective-based modes played between two teams of six players. The available modes are Hybrid, Escort, and Control. You would be amazed to know that Team Deathmatches aren’t available in Overwatch. Still, developers are continuously introducing new modes, and the most recent modes are Lucia Ball and Archives Player versus Environment Game Modes.

Compared to Overwatch, Valorant is relatively played differently. Upon playing, you will discover that there’s only one mode, which is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode. The game plays between two teams of five players facing off each other in a match of 25-round. Both teams have different objectives to complete like the first team requires to plant a bomb, while the second team struggles to fend off the first team from doing so.

The team with 13 points will be considered as the winner. Another significant difference between these two games is that Valorant grants the player one life per round, whereas, in Overwatch, players have an open to respawn their characters after a specific time.

Playable Characters

Both titles contain unique characters, and each one comes with a unique personality and a set of skills; however, the similarities are limited to this point. In the Overwatch game, each hero is introduced with unique attributes as tank heroes have HP, which is higher than others, while in Volarant, everyone hero can share the same amount of HP. It means all heroes are equal in power and strength. Only skills will determine the role of the character. Although skills are outstanding in Valorant, players preferred to be rewarded with gunplay. Compared to Overwatch, making use of the right skills can make a difference in a match.


Weapons of accounts in Overwatch are unique, like Winston equips with a massive gun that shoots out bolts of lightning. While Overwatch introduces futuristic weaponry, Valorant has military-themed arms that seemed realistic. The significant difference between the two titles is that the players are allowed to purchase weapons at the beginning of each round. In contrast, players of Overwatch have already equipped with weapons unique to each hero.

Valorant was in its closed beta version released on 7 April 2020. The game is offering the same gameplay as Overwatch, in which it pits two teams of 5 players against each other. The introduction of an economic system lets you purchase unique abilities and weapons before starting the game. Only one mode is there, where the attacking team has a bomb, known as Spike, and they have to plant on a given site. The closed beta release for only for CS: GO professionals to test, but if you intend to play it, you can find accounts of Valorant for Sale.


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