Porsha Williams enraged her fans when she posted the photos that you will see below. It’s about the fact that Breonna Taylor’s killers have not been punished, and justice is being asked.

Check out Porsha’s post on her social media account below.

Someone said: ‘yes girl out of all the housewives you are the most selfless with your platform!’ and a lot of haters hopped in the comments, slamming the man for not paying enough attention to Breonna’s case.

A follower said: ‘Too busy worrying about Karen to care about the real problems! Brainwashed.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Very sad. It’s so great to celebrate life’s big moments but not when Breonna’s life was unjustifiably stripped away and you’ve done nothing about it but are in a position to do something about it!!’

Another commenter posted the following message: ‘He with a white woman you know what that means,’ and someone else said: ‘He’s a republican. I’m from Ky. He doesn’t care !! He hasn’t even been out about BLM.’

One follower said: ‘Must be great to carry on with your life when there’s someone else who is unjustly dead,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The DA is engaged to a white woman and has his undivided attention. He met with the president so he’s just a showpiece.’

Another fan has a different opinion, and they shared it in the comments: ‘Why are you spreading divide and not trying g to unite us? Police officers are killed all the time for doing their jobs. As a celebrity Porsha, I bet you have hired police to protect you and your family. Let’s stop blaming cops for doing their jobs, and start blaming people that make them do their jobs.’

A follower said: ‘The Attorney General is a puppet for Mitch McConnell; I don’t have a lot of confidence in him or his ability to bring justice for Bre and her family. We’ll continue to #sayhername.’

In other news, Porsha‘s daughter, Pilar Jhena is a sweetie in the latest post that her gorgeous mom shared on social media.


You should check out the cute pics that PJ has with her dad, Dennis McKinley.

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