Stacey Dooley, 33, defended herself on Twitter, after being criticised by author Melanie Blake for “not knowing” who EastEnders producer Julia Smith was. The writer accused the red-haired documentary filmmaker of “not even researching” the long-running soap before hosting EastEnders: Secrets From The Square.

Melanie wrote to her 23,000 followers: “And Stacey Dooley not even knowing who Julia Smith – who co-created #Eastenders was. Not even researching the show you presenting is one thing, not even bothering to read the research material someone else has probably handed to you is another – terrible.”

Stacey, who has worked on a number of BBC documentaries over the years, hit back to her own 344,900 fans: “I did know who Julia was Melanie. 

“The director (quite rightly) asked me to pick it up, as you can’t assume everyone watching knows this.

“It’s my job to ask the questions, not display my in-depth knowledge of a soap opera. 

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Stacey is known for her programmes on hard-hitting topics, and some were surprised to see her front the behind the scenes special of EastEnders.

Many viewers have often compared her work to that of documentary heavyweight Louis Theroux

The former Strictly Come Dancing champion showed in an earlier episode she resented that comparison, as she talked with star Kellie Bright about her character’s battle with alcoholism.

Kellie brought up Louis, as she described how his film on alcoholics had shaped her performance.



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