Price: $18.99
(as of Jun 30,2020 11:18:28 UTC – Details)

SimPark is the only game where kids create and run their own flowering, buzzing, chirping, roaring park! Your young rangers choose from a forest full of plants and animals to fill their living and evolving ecoststems. Kids can add picnic tables and slides to attract humans. But watch out – humans aren’t the tidiest animals around! You’ll see that a kids’ parks stir with life, their interest in nature blossoms.

SimPark is a simulation game in which the player creates his or her own park, full of animals, plants, and hopefully, if your park is good enough, people. The game starts off by letting you choose whether you want to start a new game, load an old one, or watch a tutorial that will help you learn how exactly you play. Once you decide, you are presented with your park. It’s basically just a big empty plot of land (much like Sim City) and you have control of everything that goes into it. The player can choose what kinds of animals he or she wants in his or her park. There are tons of different animals, from snakes to alligators to eagles. Next, the player chooses from lots of different plants. There are many flowers, trees, bushes, and so on. The way to lure people into the park, however, is to have “human things.” For example, you can put swings, slides, and an outhouse in an area, so that the humans can come to enjoy the animals in their own comfortable space.


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