Katie Price children: How many children does she have?

Katie Price has documented the highs and lows of her life in a number of reality series. Through her shows Katie has also shown her growing family but how many children does Katie have?

How many children does Katie Price have?

Katie has five children from three different relationships, her eldest son Harvey is the son of footballer Dwight Yorke.

Harvey was born in 2002 with a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome.

Katie also has two children from her marriage with Peter Andre.

Katie Price’s son Harvey rushed to hospital for ‘urgent medical care’

Katie said: “Becoming a mum hasn’t changed me because I always do what I want anyway.

“In terms of responsibilities, though, of course, you have to face up to them.

“Even if you get a dog or something, you’ve got to walk it, feed it and play with it.

“With kids, I don’t think some people realise, some young girls out there, that when you have a child there’s a responsibility and it’s yours. You can’t just fob it off on anyone.”

She went on to say how Princess is growing up to be just like her.

Katie explained: “My daughter Princess is most like me of all my kids. She’s a little diva. She’s into makeup, hair and anything glitzy.

“She’s like a magpie, and she’s bossy too. She’s three now, so it’s “why, why, why?’ all the time.

“Harvey, my oldest son, is the bossiest. But they’re all good, and they’ve all got their own little personalities.”

source: express.co.uk