Vikings plot hole: Fans baffled as they spot error in Bjorn's quest

“As in he’s always preferred exploring but when he wants to rule, I think he tries to be a great King unlike Ragnar who didn’t care at all for it and never desired that power.”

Other viewers reminded Vikings fans the series tries to remain as close to real historical events as possible, and King Harald is best known as the first King of Norway.

Another fan said: “In the real world King Harald was seen as the first king of Norway so him getting the crown in the show was no surprise to me. That’s why his ambition all through the show to be King made sense.”

Unfortunately, the show’s dependence on historical events doesn’t always line up with what fans already know of the characters, leading to a lot of confusion at the start of season six.

Vikings season 6 is hoped to conclude on the History Channel and Amazon Prime Video in 2020.

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