Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star's brutal row sparks outburst exposed

The 59-year-old has become a mainstay on British television screen since joining the BBC team back in 1999. Since then, the show has gone on to become the country’s most watched morning news show and is often praised for its warm rapport between presenters. But back in 2018, one of Carol’s co-hosts, Naga Munchetty, sparked a row after she apologised to the presenter for revealing that one of the show’s viewers said they would be better at predicting the nation’s weather than the meteorologist.

Laughing at the feedback, Carol then shot back that if the viewer thought she was that good she should get into the studio and give it a go themselves.

The incident began after Carol offered a gloomy outlook at the start of a terrible week weather-wise for Britons.

Naga said: “Carol, good morning to you. You know, we’ve had lots of emails today.

“I think it was this one, I wanted to pick out.”

After making her selection, Naga read: “Carol, Ann in Cleethorpes, we’re talking about pain being related to weather and how it can get worse in weather.

“Ann says, and I’m sorry Carol, I have to say this to you, she finds my bones are better weather forecasters than any of your presenters.

“Sorry Carol, hips and knees ache long before the first rain drops fall from the sky.”

While seen to be listening, Carol then hit back: “I think Ann should get in here and have a bash at presenting the weather.”

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The cast are renowned for their onscreen chemistry and laid back banter, which once saw Carol left embarrassed after a segment just days before Christmas in 2017.

After she delivered the report, Carol turned to co-hosts Naga and Charlie Stayt to say: “Look at those temperatures Naga and Charlie? They’re way back up again.”

Looking bemused, Naga watched and said: “Where’s your 14 [degrees] gone?”

Realising she had been caught out, Carol – giggling awkwardly – said: “It’s come down, only by one degree though. This is a moving feast you know.”

Naga then responded: “I was just watching. I just watch closely.”