UFO news: Pentagon urged to release information regarding UFOs

Headlines were made across the globe in 2017 when US Navy radar footage of a mystery object with a “glowing aura” and flying erratically was leaked to the public. The debate over UFOs reached fever pitch when the footage emerged of what some called an alien craft.

One particular instance details footage from a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet, a twin-engined fighter, showing an unidentified aircraft surrounded by a glowing aura.

The object travelled at a high speed and rotated as it moved – the pilots onboard are captured saying “there’s a whole fleet of them”.

While the US Navy acknowledged the incident, officials at the Pentagon – the United State’s Department of Defense – kept quiet until earlier this year when they officially disclosed it.

The DoD said the video was authentic, although did not go into detail about what the craft may be or where it came from.

However, the Senate Committee is now urging the DoD to release a report on the incident, and disclose any information it has on it, stating that it is a matter of national security.

The Senate made its suggestions in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 report, with the rule, if passed by US Congress, coming into place in 2021.

The report said: “The Committee supports the efforts of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force at the Office of Naval Intelligence [ONI] to standardize collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon, any links they have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to US military assets and installations.”

However, the report acknowledges “there is no unified, comprehensive process” for collating UFO data “despite the potential threat”.

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When the footage from 2017 first emerged, a former Pentagon employee Luis Elizondo, who headed up a secret official UFO program, said it was “compelling evidence” we might not be alone in the universe.

Mr Elizondo said: “These aircraft – we’ll call them aircraft – are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of.

“Things that don’t have any obvious flight services, any obvious forms of propulsion, and manoeuvring in ways that include extreme manoeuvrability beyond, I would submit, the healthy G-forces of a human or anything biological.”

source: express.co.uk