Gemma Atkinson: 'It breaks me' Strictly star addresses 'mental torture' in moving post

Gemma continued: “Growing up I had to have vegetables with my meals, there were no fizzy drinks in the house (which I’m now SO grateful for) but on a Friday as a family, we’d have a big chippy tea & stop for sweets or chocolate on the way home and eat them as we pleased over the weekend.

“As an adult, I understand why my mum chose to do that. She wanted mine & my sister’s health to be at the forefront of growing up but not deprive us of things we enjoy. It’s stuck with me too. I still have a weekly chippy or a pizza, my drink of choice is always water because dad used to tell me lions drink water & what kid doesn’t want to be as strong as a lion?!” she explained.

“We don’t have sweets in the cupboards at home. I only have them if I’m out at the cinema for example or get them in for special occasions of course! There weren’t any “good or bad” foods for us. It was just about the quantity of certain foods we ate. Veggies every day, sweets not every day.”

The TV star proceeded to talk about her “goals” with Mia, as she added: “Mia loves food and I’ll never deprive her of anything. My goal is to make mealtimes a family enjoyable time. Not a counting calories / fear of too many carbs / jumping on the scales after time which so many people do.”