House parties tend to have a dual reputation. While some people love it, others not so much. What makes it so? Why are same at-home gatherings so beloved, once others so hated? The answer, according to the famous saying, could be that the devil’s in the details. It is most likely right, and we will get to them in a second.

First of all, let’s focus on the house-party as a general idea. While the party itself is undoubtedly a great way of spending a Friday night, not many can say the same about the preparation process. Throwing a party, more often than not, turns out to be a daunting task. So before you jump blindly into it, and start inviting all your friends, get familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a party.


  • You decide who is on a guest list. Most naturally, you will choose only the people you like, and that is a great beginning.
  • You are in control. Since it is your party and your home, the guest will probably follow your lead. Did you say game time? The game time it is.
  • It is your home. No other place will make you feel so comfortable and relaxed.


  • Lots of cleaning the day after. Unless you have friends willing to help you with the tidying, you are left with quite a mess to handle on your own.
  • High risk of damage. Be it purposely or not, chances are someone will destroy something.
  • It is your home. Should something wrong happen, it is your responsibility.

Now that you have acquainted yourself with some of the bright, and not-so-bright sides of having a house party, you can consciously start preparing for one. No matter if it is a birthday, graduation, bachelor night, or housewarming, here is a list of five essential things you need to have to make your party a blast.

  1. Perfect place

Go elsewhere.

Keep in mind that a house party does not necessarily mean it has to be your house. There are dozens of other locations to choose. Deciding on the place is crucial when it comes to setting the mood right. Just think of it. The party thrown in a luxurious apartment on one of Los Angeles’ hills will be different from a celebration organized in an old castle in the middle of nowhere.

Think about the outdoors.

Should the party take place in the spring/summer season, consider the garden a perfect place to throw it. Most people relish spending time outside. With hours spent in the office or front of a computer, an outdoor party seems like an excellent alternative. Moreover, this way, you are limiting the possibility of any damages to the minimum.

  1. Music

No party can or should take place without great music. Any event lacking acoustic background will be boring. There will always be those guests for whom music is essential. They will start with stamping their feet and finish off dancing their heart’s away. It is those people you should be thinking of when deciding on the new music equipment. If you want that festival-like experience in the comfort of your house, then getting a decent AV receiver reviewed by best budget is a must. AV receivers connect all the speakers and different components, creating a concert-like atmosphere for you and your guests. Play some latest hits and satisfaction is guaranteed.

  1. Theme

Who doesn’t like a themed party? A little dress-up never hurt anybody. Set a theme and let your guests’ imagination run wild. If the idea seems appealing, but you are out of ideas, there are thousands of places that could serve you as an inspiration. Go for a walk or browse through the photo gallery. Maybe the shot you took last time you were in Rome will be a spark for the ancient times’ theme?

  1. Snacks and beverages

The food is crucial. Have you ever been to a party with no snacks? If so, how did you feel? Awkward? No wonder.

The tables at a proper house party should be full of various types of foods. Think of the vegans, think of the people with diabetes, think of the meat lovers. Mix different menus to keep your guests happy and full.

  1. Decorations

Decorate the house. If you decide to go for a themed party, choose the appropriate decorations to enhance it. If not, colourful lights are always a good idea. They are eye-pleasing, photo-friendly, and make you feel as if you were in a disco.

What now?

With all those things said, there is nothing more for you than just throwing a spectacular party. Pay attention to music, location, food and decorations. Invite your friends and family. The rest will unfold naturally. One more thing to keep in mind – just because you are a host does not mean you cannot have fun, remember to enjoy yourself.


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