However, because the ESPYs are happening amid the global pandemic, many awards will not be given out.

According to Jeff Smith, the vice president of entertainment at MaggieVision Productions, the company behind ESPY Awards, the only awards that will be given out this year are the “narrative awards,” highlighting narratives of public services or courage.

“We can’t really give out a best team award when the teams haven’t finished their seasons, and you can’t have a best moment when there was no Masters or Wimbledon,” Smith explained. “It wouldn’t be fair of us to anoint winners for things when everybody didn’t exist on a level playing field.” 

So without further ado, scroll below for the full list of ESPYs Award winners and finalists this year! 

Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award

WINNER: Nelson Cruz, Minnesota Twins

Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers

Devin and Jason McCourty, New England Patriots

Maya Moore, Minnesota Lynx

Titus O’Neil, WWE



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