Lewis Hamilton reveals racism in F1 means he can only be himself when 'wearing his helmet'

“The unchanged make-up of the F1 community throughout my career makes it feel like only a certain type of person is truly welcome in this sport, one who looks a certain way, comes from a certain background, fits a particular mould and plays by certain unwritten rules.

“Even now, the media ask me different questions than they do my competitors and make accusations directly and indirectly — you’re not British enough, not humble enough, not loved enough by the public.

“Being the first black “anything” is a proud and lonely walk. When I first started out, I took my father’s advice to work twice as hard, keep my head down, my mouth shut and let my driving do the talking.

“It was only when wearing my helmet that I felt free to be myself. But as I became more successful, I learnt that embracing my differences, authentically and openly, gave me a greater platform to elevate issues I care deeply about, none more personal than the fight against racism and for greater diversity.”

source: express.co.uk