X-Factor's Alexandra Burke Recalls Being Told to "Bleach" Her Skin

Moreover, the songstress explained the “microaggressions” she’s experienced throughout her career.

“I’ve been told from previous management companies, ‘You have to smile more on your Instagram because you come across aggressive. You can’t have baby hairs showing on any hairstyle that you do because you come across as aggressive,'” she recalled.

Alexandra not only detailed her experiences in the music industry, but also in television. She shared the things she encountered during her time on the BBC dancing show, Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

She remembered having to do press the day after her mother’s death, which she said she hadn’t revealed to anyone outside her family at the time. While on the red carpet, she remembered her interaction with a journalist.

“‘So you’re not doing press. Being a diva today are we,'” Alexandra claimed the journalist told her, who she didn’t specifically name.

“That was the image they had of me because of papers, particularly one journalist,” she explained. “I was so scared on that show, because if I spoke out, [then it was like] she’s playing the victim card. If I was happy, [then it was like] how come she’s so happy, she’s just lost her mum… that’s the kind of comments I was getting daily.”

Adding, “I have no idea how I got through it. I don’t even like thinking about that experience.”

source: eonline.com