Bible proof: The 'fantastic' archaeological evidence that 'validates the Bible's narrative

“Within the palace of King Sennacherib at ancient Nineveh, located within modern-day northern Iraq, Layard found a series of wall reliefs; these snapshot images portray one of the most famous Biblical battles and greatest military conquests of King Sennacherib.

“The 40-inch wide by 17-inch high relief called the Siege of Lachish Relief is now on display at the British Museum.

“It portrays the famous Assyrian king’s attack on the Biblical city of Lachish.

“This extra-biblical source portraying in detailed imagery the same account mentioned in the Bible not only validates the biblical narrative but adds great detail to the biblical account.”

The relief depicts the Lachish fortress, siege weapons, Assyrian troops and Jewish captives being led away from the city.