Toni Braxton Highlights The Fact That Children Are Born Innocent And Racism Is Taught

Toni Braxton shared a video with a bunch of kids and tells her fans and followers that racism is something that is taught by adults because kids are born innocent. Check out the video below.

Fans adored the video and gushed over the kids in the comments section.

A follower said: ‘If this video doesn’t change your heart and mindset of how you look at people of color, then there’s something wrong with you! #BlackLivesMatter,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Yes they are this was so precious.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Let all the children live happily and freely with their creative minds,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘I Love It!❤️ Sadly Children Grow Up Mimicking What They See.🙏🏾 #Black Lives Matter!’

One other commenter said: ‘In a few years, their parents/grandparents, would have them singing a different tune. Racism is taught.’

Someone else praised the video and said: ‘….OMG!!! I love this. I love these babies Mommy and Daddy’s. Good Parenting. @dr_beth_ray …Look at this.’

A follower posted this: ‘@tonibraxton Yes they are born innocent. This is such a beautiful thing to see.’

Another commenter wrote: ‘Innocent children are brainwashed into the ignorant thinking and ways of a racist,’ and someone else posted: ‘Living In A World We Didn’t Make , living in a That’s fell with hate how much of this madness can they take the children.’

One follower said: ‘And they do what they see… so now we know how they love or the hate is carried forth.’

Other than this, the singer shared a post on her social media account that managed to convince her fans once more than she has the kindest heart.

‘Remember the #Pulse 49. I stand in solidarity with their memory and all LGBTQIA before, during, and after #pridemonth. 🏳️‍🌈❤️✊🏽’ Toni captioned her post.


Fans made sure to send her love in the comments.

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