Millie Bobby Brown Rocks Long Blonde Hair And Cute Summer Clothes In New Pic With Her Adorable Dog!

The Stranger Things actress took to her platform of choice to share a pic in which she looked not only stunning but also all grown up! It’s no secret that Millie Bobby Brown pretty much grew up in front of her audience since she was first cast in the beloved series in 2016.

Now, she is a proper teenager and that shows in how much her personal style has changed and developed.

The 16 year old shared a new pic in which she rocked long, blonde locks, a look that is miles away from her brown buzz cut hairstyle from the first season.

The snap showed Millie posing with her adorable dog outside, enjoying the fresh air and obviously also snapping some pictures while at it.

That being said, the young actress was lounging on the green grass in a pair of beige shorts, matching kimono and a pink top underneath.

To protect herself from the harsh sun, but also for fashion purposes, Millie also rocked a soft hat that suited her really well, especially since it matched her blonde locks perfectly.

Her pup, who she sweetly dubbed as her ‘chicken nugget,’ was sitting by her side, just as poised as its owner.

Millie definitely looks like she’s done a lot of growing up in such a short time and right before everyone’s eyes!

In the caption, she wrote: ‘Matching w my chicken nugget today. swipe for a surprise.’

As soon as you follow her advice, you can see a close up of her foot, seemingly highlighting the unusual way she was pointing her toes in the picture.

Usually, Millie’s stylists tend to dress her up in clothes that are way beyond her years for different events, making her look much more mature than she is and that is something many fans have been complaining about.


This new post, however, shows her in teenager appropriate fashion, looking not too old and not too young either but instead, just expressing her own style at this point in her life.

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