Jeremy Corbyn debate sees leftwing firebrand link George Floyd killing to Israel military

During the debate for the Stop the War Coalition, Mr Ali stated that American and “right-wing countries in South American” send their police forces to be trained over in Israel. The left-wing political activist added that there are lots of photos of Israelis with their knees on the neck of Palestinians. 

Mr Ali said: “I would now like to come to another part of the world which ironically links the knee on the neck to George Floyd to this region because a lot of the American police forces have been trained in Israel.

“Not just the Americans but many from right-wing countries in South America. And the methods in dealing with protests or ordinary citizens is virtually the same.

“You can find lots of photos of Israelis when these people are brave enough to take photographs with their knees on the neck of Palestinians.”

He continued: “This is another subject which has virtually been downgraded compared to even five or six years ago because people have got frightened about this campaign which alleges everyone is antisemitic except those who support Israel.

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“That’s basically the campaign that was waged by Israeli embassies everywhere of which one of the central targets was Jeremy Corbyn.

“But this has been waged in many other parts of the world.

“Interestingly young Americans of Jewish origin are resisting it better than almost any other country in the world and especially Europe.”

In the debate Jeremy Corbyn did not respond to the Israel military claims.

However, talking about the race protests he said: “What I observe in the USA is a sense of anger about the killing of George Floyd, a sense of anger about the wholly disproportionate number of black people who have died in New York, Chicago, California, all across the USA because of coronavirus.

“The levels of poverty, inequality, lack of access to health care, poor quality of food, etc. It is interesting into how this is going to develop in USA, but also means those opposed to Trump need to be serious about offering an alternative.”

The former Labour leader added: “Let’s get it clear, antisemitism is wrong, it’s evil and it should never be condoned in any circumstances. I never would you, never would, in any way and we must all be united against racism of any sort – antisemitism, Islamophobia or racism in the USA following the murder of our friend in Minnesota.”

Thousands have been gathering across the UK and in cities around the world since the end of May in protest at the killing of Mr Floyd, 46.

The unarmed black man died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a white officer held him down by pressing a knee on his neck for eight minutes.

Throughout this week demonstrators have gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest the death of American George Floyd.

Today Black Lives Matter activists wore masks and carried placards condemning racism and brutality.

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A placard held by one black woman read: “I am human – that is enough.” Other banners said “White People Must Do More”, “Colour Is Not A Crime” and “No Justice. No Peace. Prosecute The Police”.

However, a senior UK police officer said protests should not be taking place due to coronavirus regulations banning large gatherings.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said: “The regulations are clear that it is unlawful.

“We would strongly encourage people not to gather in these large numbers because they are putting themselves and others at risk.” has approached Jeremy Corbyn’s office for comment.