Rachel Lindsay Explains Her Experiences With ‘Subtle Racism’ While Working As A Lawyer In Texas

In a new interview with Page Six, Rachel Lindsay explained her own experiences with “subtle racism” while working inside a courthouse. As most know, Rachel went on to become the only black female lead in the Bachelor Nation’s history.

Before then, Rachel worked as a lawyer in the state of Texas. Rachel says that the racism she experienced in the courtroom was when “they” would bypass her or ignore her altogether because nobody supposedly thought she could’ve been a lawyer or a prosecutor.

Rachel says that lawyers would yell at her, hang up the phone on her, and even point in her face. Lindsay said that it was either Hispanic or white men who would treat her in such a manner. Regardless, she learned to develop a “thick skin” to the way people treated her.

A big part of her learning experiences came as a result of seeing what her father went through, judge Sam A. Lindsay. Lindsay says that her father is a federal judge now, but when he first started, he couldn’t get a job in Texas.

The reality star says that part of her strength comes from what she saw her father go through when he was coming up in the system. As it was previously reported, Lindsay was among many in Miami who protested the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Rachel shared that her husband, Bryan Abasolo, whom she met on The Bachelorette in 2017, was there with her. Rachel said seeing her man, who is an entirely different race than her, chant “black lives matter,” was a very big deal.

It was a “beautiful moment.” According to Rachel, the fact she participated in the protest was met with negativity by some people online. Lindsay said that she was among the protestors, and she wasn’t one of the people looting.


Regarding her relationship, Rachel is now married to the 40-year-old, Abasolo, who is a white Latino of Colombian descent. Rachel says she and Abasolo have had many discussions about how they’ll go about raising children in America.

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