I think everyone has heard something about this new type of money, better say virtual money – cryptocurrency.

But we hear about it not as about the new payment method but as about the new and easy source of money.

But I need to tell you that earning from crypto is not easy! But about crypto trading we will talk later, now I want to discuss why people like to pay with the crypto wallet.

The first reason is anonymity because if you send, receive, withdraw or deposit crypto, no one will know your private data (except for custodial services that store all the information on their servers).

The second reason is the fast payments. As you know or maybe don’t know, some cryptocurrency wallets allow you to choose the duration of a transaction – the higher fees, the faster your payment will be delivered.

The third reason is the low fees. I told you above that cryptocurrency has very flexible fees and now you know they are the lowest. Even if we compare them to the bank fees, they are the lowest as well.

And the last reason is about geographical limits – better say about their absence! You can send crypto to any country in the world and receive it as well.

And now let’s talk more about cryptocurrency trading. There are two options you can use – trade on your own or trade with the help of Bitcoin signals. According to the statistics we took from one software development company, there are 85% of newcomers who start with crypto signals.

For you to know – 90% of crypto channels are scammers. That is why you need to be aware of all the risks and check every channel you are going to work with. Pay attention to the communication, past activity, free crypto signals, the presence of cross-promotions, etc.

Even if you are the victim of scammers I hope you won’t invest large sums. One more point – even if you think the channel is legit, subscribe for one month and check it and your profits and don’t invest a lot of money!

I hope your trading will be successful!


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