Top 16 Most promising upcoming PSVR games of 2019:
Enjoy this list of some of the biggest, most realistic, most polished and most promising Upcoming Playstation VR titles of the year.

Top 16 Most anticipated upcoming Playstation VR titles of 2019.
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  1. Zero Calibur looks great but unless there is aim support, I can't imagine it working that well with move controllers. Maybe it's just me, but full locomotion fps games like killing floor are to difficult to control when you don't have joysticks.

  2. Man, am I ever glad I splurged on the PS4VR when it first released. I've had the most memorable game experiences with it. Whether sneaking through that creepy house in Resident Evil 7 or catapulting of the deck of that aircraft carrier in Ace Combat 7, you actually feel part of the game. And don't even get me started on Skyrim VR. I'm going to totally absorb No Man's Sky VR as soon as it's released. So excited. 🙂

  3. Falcon age is awsome. Zero caliber was ok. I think psvr it will be more successful becuase onward and stuff dont exist for psvr. But damn its got a way to go. It barely runs on my pc on lowest settings. Blood and truth looks good. Proze is out on pc too but did ok. I didnt play it… Looks ehhh slow. Then blunt force we know zilch about. Mars alive also. Then theres…… Yea shitting dawn. While its a beautiful game…. Nothing it does takes advantage of vr. Back pack is a screen or menu. Turret the same. It has its fun but agian low settings make it look rough sometimes. Gunplay is basic…. Pull trigger till it reloads…. Thats the biggest upset. I need some kind of reload mechinc in vr to keep me interested in the combat. Add it all together and even playing with a friend can be tedious becuase of bugs and multiplayer only glitches. That and if you have a jerk that keeps going wherever he wants without you you will be at a loading screen alot.


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