Timelie review

Need to know

What is it? A stealth puzzle game in which time can be sped up and rewound.
Expect to pay $19/£14.49
Developer Urnique Studio
Publisher Urnique Studio, Milk Bottle Studio
Reviewed on RTX 2070 Super, Intel i5-9600K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer: None
Link: Official site

At a glance, Timelie looks unremarkable: a puzzle game where time can be reversed to back up a tumble through a crumbling walkway, Prince of Persia-style. But that’s not really what its timeline-scrubbing is for, and there are some clever surprises that make it worth a one or two-sitting playthrough.

Timelie, which both my brain and computer frequently autocorrect to “timeline,” would’ve been considered indie chic in 2008, but its look is commonplace today: A crisp, untextured world of right angles. It’s attractive, but boring. The narrative is vague, sleepy, and littered with iconography (a birdcage, a lock and key, and so on). I wasn’t gripped by its metaphors, but I didn’t need any powerful motivation to help the anime-looking girl escape from robot-guarded mazes. After sitting through Volume’s blah Robin Hood allegory, I was happy for a puzzle game that’s content with voiceless cutscenes and sad-sounding bell music. The cat is cute, though, and cute cats are always welcome.

The puzzles are rooms in a generic-feeling Medical Science Facility, and your goal is to get the girl, and sometimes the cat, to each room’s exit. Blocking your way are closed doors and patrolling robots who’ll chase down your protagonists and bonk them on the head if they spot them. Sound doesn’t factor into stealth, so you can stand right next to robots so long as they can’t see you.

(Image credit: Urnique Studio)

Here’s the time twist: You can scrub the timeline forward and backwards like you’re watching a YouTube video, observing the robot’s patrol patterns. At any point in the timeline, you can issue new commands to the girl and the cat, or clear commands you’ve already made. If either of them is caught by a robot, the timeline ends there and you can’t push into the future anymore, so you have to scrub back and change an action to stay out of sight. 

source: gamezpot.com