NASCAR Heat 4 is here, and it aims to be the stock car racing game that fans have been wanting for years. But is it worth it?

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NASCAR Heat 4 is a racing video game simulating the 2019 NASCAR season. It was developed by Monster Games and will be published by 704Games on September 13, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows via Steam. Kevin Harvick is the cover athlete for the regular release of the game along with Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon is on the cover of the Gold Edition.



  1. Listening to the Fans? Yet still no Paint Booth, still a completely useless Rival System and an absolutely shallow Career Mode. Don't get me wrong, I like the Game, but there's still way too much left to desire.

  2. I agree w the Matchmaking on multi player. How can people just go into races wrecking other racers and not be penalized. I stick to the Career Mode and Challenges. Its 2019, no matchmaking really ruined the online experience for me.

  3. one thing that this video doesnt talk about and that bothered me was with the driving aids they are split into four "difficulties" and you can not tweak them separately so a driver like me who like stability control but not steering assist or brake assist you can not have that they all have to be on to varying levels not none at all

  4. What are things I can do to make the game more realistic when playing it like for instance car speeds I've noticed that when playing at tracks like Michigan or auto club my top speed is only like in the 180 range whereas in real life they hit well over 200

  5. The issue I have with this game is that even on expert difficulty custom setups. The AI is still trash. They kick your ass in qualifying but 10 laps into a 200 lap race your in the front dominating. That’s not how it works. If you qualify 35th in real life your most likely not going to break the top 20, that’s if you finish because other things don’t go wrong. Jesus I tried with this game but I’m going back to iRacing. This is bullshit.

  6. I really like the game and it will keep getting better. I use to race on iracing on the pc it was ok but I much prefer this. There is a way to deal with the guys that are just out there to cause wrecks and I am sure it’s coming.

  7. Great game I can see the effort they put into but unfortunately they didn’t put enough! Not being able to adjust sensitivity and what not during practice is horse cock! By the time I run a few laps and then realize I need to adjust the sensitivity I have to restart everything like what the fuck 704??????

  8. What about the replays? They were terrible since the first edition. Take a look way back. In 1995 you could pause the game and watch replays depending on your RAM up to 10 minutes and more. Everytime – in any part of testing, qualifying or racing. Man, it could not be that different to enjoy that 25 yrs later. Bless Papyrus.

  9. Fantastic review. i missed the sale a few days ago of ALL the NASCAR games on steam a few days ago, so when i got the dosh im just gonna import a hard-copy for PS4. There's a few NASCAR fans down here in Australia, thanks mate 🙂

  10. how's the entry level for someone who's never even seen a NASCAR race? I'm into rally and F1, but the car settings here don't say much to me. Can I still enjoy the game?

  11. Awesome to see improvement! For me though the car handling is the critical thing that needs improved no matter how good the rest is. It's just too easy and you never feel like you are pushing your limits to the max.

  12. It's a good game… Does it look as good as the Forza Motorsport titles , or Forza Horizon titles ? Not quite , but the tracks are pretty realistic , engines sound good , and the cars handle fairly well… It's a good title to pick up especially while going thru this quarantine…


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