Warhammer 40: Inquisitor Martyr recently received a 2.0 overhaul update and a new expansion called Prophecy including a new class (the Mechanicus Adept Summoner) and new campaigns and endgame content. Is it worth playing now? I share my thoughts and review on this game’s development in 2019.

Disclosure: I had a sponsorship to stream the game for 6 hours at launch to showcase the game, that sponsorship is concluded and did not include making any videos or other content. I’ve continued playing a bunch since then and wanted to share my thoughts in this video.

I am a Humble Store partner, buy through my affiliate link and support myself as well as charity: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-inquisitor-martyr?partner=ziggyd

The Prophecy expansion is sadly not yet out on Humble store for some reason, though it is available on Steam.


  1. I hammered this game in the original release and I liked the slower pace. But all that grinding and playing was essentially worthless and I can't play my character anymore until I buy this "expansion" that is really just a fix for the complaints the majority had. It's a scam that they charged for it.

  2. TL;DR Only pick up this game if you're a fan of 40k and don't care too deeply about the lore, and it's on deep sale.

    It's an unpolished mess. There are still builds that are brokenly overpowered (Grav gun), bonuses that don't work that were reported months ago, and there are several maps that are an ugly mess. The character models are just….. bad. The end game is more tedious than any other ARPG that I've played. The indoor environments are well done, and the writing (and 'main' story including the expansion) is pretty well done considering it's a 40k game. Just from a technical standpoint, it's only worth buying if it's 1/2 off or better.

    If you care about the lore of 40k, don't look at the enemies too closely. There are several that should be damn near exploding the Inquisitor by being in their presence. I get that enemy variety and a bit of the power fantasy should be there, but there's no way in hell that an Inquisitor should be able to take a Chaos Dread in melee, or any of the other boss style characters. I should not be face tanking 6 Banshees, 3 Warp Spiders, and a Fire Prism, much less burning through them without much of an hiccup.

  3. Funny, you praise POE for the quality of animations and content and it's exactly the opposite to me. The game is clunky and unpolished and the devs just shovel new system on top of new system endlessly.

    i'm not saying Inquisitor is a better game, but you hold POE too high on a pedestal.

  4. My only major beef with Martyr is the m&k controls. Good god, the default controls are horrendous. Sure, they can be remapped for the most part, but I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to play with the defaults.

  5. The devs are pretty dirty on this one. TBH this expansion should have been free given the base game was utter trash at an extremely expensive price :/

    Early after launch instead of working on the game they spent time implementing an MTX shop… 80$+ game that had no content and a focus into an MTX shop gives clear indication into their ethics haha.

  6. I want this game to be better than it is. I wish there were more options for skills/spells. More customization. Less bland passive trees. Why is a Psyker limited to like… 6 pyro spells, and you get them all by what? Lvl 30? then for the rest of the game you get no new abilities. If you want single target dmg you have basically one spell. The rest are tickle-fight material. Also, why are there only 4 classes (3 if you only have the base game), no subclasses (Don't be fooled in character creation, those are NOT subclasses), and literally no options for skills for the crusader/assassin. Pick a weapon, those are the skills you get! Don't like that weapon, but it has an ability you want? Too bad! They should have options like the Psyker, but all of them should have a ton more options. I'm lvl 70 and this game is just boring as hell once the campaign is over. No new skills, no real change to gameplay, just 40 levels of slogging through lazy content with the same powers/abilities and occasionally picking up an upgrade, but rarely. There's still 30 more levels to cap, that means a total of 70 levels where your character doesn't change, at all aside from ridiculously weak passives. Oh sure some relics can change things here or there, but funny thing about that…. if you get them early on, Like I did, you won't have to worry about it. There's nothing to work for, no pay off, and very little reason to play this game outside of the campaign for fun.

  7. Is there any way to compete with other players ? Like, for example leaderboards in Diablo 3 ? As bad as those leaderboarda are in D3 it's still a way to keep some players in it 🙂 it's fun to play for yourself… but i like to compete 🙂

  8. Found a physical copy of the base game for 10€, which was totally worth it. I love the idea of being a badass inquisitor… 40k fans should play this. Will probably get the Prophecy expansion as well based on this video.


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