Company of Heroes is a unique RTS, taking place in a unique time period. But, it is 13 years old – and it’s had a sequel since then. Is it still worth playing today? And if so, how has it held up? Let’s find out!

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Gameplay recorded on PC.

Audio recorded with a Rode NT-USB..

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  1. Just fired this game up after a long while and realized… This is how RTS games should be. Even modern RTS games can’t hold up to this masterpiece. Also, I got the second game (base game) for free on Steam. It will be free until 11/17.

  2. Love this game.. Destroy other bridge.. Left 1 to make Epic defend near there with all might.. It fun to choose germany have flak 8.8 and tiger haha.. Prefer play big map so more tank and unit could produce.. Best part flying corpse

  3. The answer to this question: yes, yes, yes and yes. Its a timeless classic. Played it for many years and never got bored of it despite occasionally taking some longer breaks from the game. I like the second one aswell. I'd argue that the second game has overall a better gameplay and multiplayer experience, but the first game has better campaigns. But otherwise both are great and still worth it for years to come.

  4. The game has it's limitations. No real control of air units. Not even air transport units to move troops around.

    Also every army should have the mobility of the British. The fact the German armies and USA have to make everything out of a back base is frustrating. They should have offered a mini HQ that you could make to set up closer to the front.

  5. Note that I had a 500GB solid state drive installed and it was well worth the cost. Because my original hard drive was only 7% full I uninstalled some older games from the SSD and reinstalled them on the hard drive and they run great. They load fast because so little is on that drive.

  6. Perhaps I have higher standards but It does show it's age but it's still alright. A mod to give it a HD makeover would be nice. Also what exactly is the problem with CoH2, I have all the CoH games but I am not a hardcore fan so I probably don't notice things as much. Do you have a video on it?

  7. I never liked this franchise.

    without resource gathering, base building and base defenses, no game doesn't deserve to be under the same category of RTS games.

    only C&C and StarCraft games are true RTS.

  8. I don't understand how can you call Coh1 the best ww2 rts game of all time without even having properly played the sequel(which imo is better than coh1) or played men of war. Men of war assault squad 2 specifically, is way more tactical and dynamic than coh. Although i do love both games pretty much equally, every battle in mow as2 is different to one another while some battles in both coh1 and coh2 can feel samey after a while. Still i enjoy playing coh2 regularly. You should give coh2 and the men of war series a try.

  9. I am playing for about 12 years. And I am really not getting enough of it. Just a masterpiece. The better you play the more you understand the military tactics. There's nothing like it. And there will not be. The developers team spitted.

  10. I've been playing it in skirmish since it released. Only against the AI as well. Multiplayer just lacked the depth somehow. It still manages to challenge and delight me in equal measure.

  11. COH2 was such a failure – it should never has been released. Instead they should have relaunched COH1 with new focus on e-sport and integration of the eastern front expansion. And the graphics is still amazing in COH1 – way better than COH2 where it's all messy and the aspect ratio of landscape and troops feels unnatural and cartoonish.


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