We benchmarked professional Quadro, WX, and gaming cards in workstation applications. This looks at the best GPUs for video editing, Blender, & more.
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Part of what we’re looking at today is the performance of AMD’s Radeon VII in video editing workloads, hopefully determining if its 16GB framebuffer actually proves useful in professional workloads. This will be compared and contrasted to other cards, like the RTX 5000 Quadro card, the Titan RTX, Radeon Pro WX 8200, RTX 2080 Ti, and more. Our workstation GPU benchmarks look at the best video cards for professional use, including Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas, Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, financial and cryptography applications, V-Ray, LuxMark, SolidWorks, SiSoft Sandra, and more.

GPUs TESTED (all links to Amazon):

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000: https://geni.us/lAZms
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000: https://geni.us/XYxs
NVIDIA Titan RTX: https://geni.us/Tvir
EVGA RTX 2080 Ti: https://geni.us/Vo11
AMD Radeon VII: https://geni.us/QV3E
AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200: https://geni.us/pXG6
AMD Vega 64: https://geni.us/RQXnL
And more

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Testing, Editorial: Rob Williams of Techgage
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman

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  1. hi, this is akshay

    i am trying to buy good systems for my skill

    i wanna this system for 3d modeling , rendering(some time photo realistic ) also modeling assets for games, animation rendering and high quality video editing

    please give me some advice about this two graphic cards

    NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 8GB GDDR6 Graphic Card (VCQRTX4000-PB)

    GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 8 gb or 11 gb

    thank you

  2. I've recently been learning more about building workstations for CAD. I'm working on a system for a friend which works in lighting and does some architectural lighting. I am looking at the Radeon Pro w 5700 and am not too sure if going for the Quadro would be worth it for the tensor cores or not. I believe she runs autocad and revit not too sure if Arnold gpu renderer will be in a useable state in 2020 but I would guess it will be a thing she uses at some point in the not too distant future.. Just trying to figure out what gpu will match well with a 3950x for a semiprofessional.

  3. 2080Ti keeps outperforming for less price than quadro if you don't need more then 11Gb ram! I picked up 2 1080ti hybrids for slightly more than one 2080ti and that dual config still dominates.

  4. All this seems to have driven home for me is how poorly the workstation cards do relative to considerably more affordable cards in what would traditionally be considered a workstation task. Considering how much more the rtx 5000 is than the 2080 ti the performance is pretty lackluster outside of vram limited tasks and tasks specifically limited due to software or driver

  5. Hi, thanjs for your helpful video. But I had a question to ask. I can bring two RTX 2080 Ti slots on my system with a lower price than a RTX Titan. Now I want to know is it better to put a Titan one or two 2080Ti instead?

  6. I realized there are different versions of the RTX 2070. Gigabyte has one, PNY, ASUS, EVGA, MSI all have a 2070 card. Some cost more some cost less some have 3 fans some have 2 fans some are ovrerclocked…. which one do we need for video editing and why?

  7. So reviews for the rtx cards claiming increases in Vegas pro workloads are complete bs? Or have drivers fixed it? Honestly it doesn’t matter for me because I’ve never even seen Vegas pro running on a machine, and don’t plan to ever use it. Lol but then again I also don’t plan on ever buying any rtx 8000s, 3175xs, or 3990xs but I read all about them and watch videos relating to them regularly. Lol

  8. I've got a Radeon 7 that I haven't done a build with yet, and I'm wondering if I can install it on the same system as the RTX 5000 I ordered? I remember someone saying the Radeon cards have to be in the 1st position or drivers installed 1st, but that was with Radeon 64 and GTX 1080 Ti. Oh, I'll be using Vegas Pro, Resolve Studio and Blender.

  9. But!? 1080ti Fanboy!!!?
    All the gamers cant see the video through the cloud of pot smoke. Im sure most of these dopeheads dont even Develop anything but soda pop farts. Handing them an RTX is like giving a baby car keys.

  10. Probably won't see this almost a year later but when comparing the Nvidia gaming cards for real work loads are you using the Studio driver or the game driver?

  11. radeon VII $500 last year and a Titan rtx $2500. I wonder will Nvidia win? This is like gpu reviews for gamers. WOW a $1200 2080Ti beats a $400 RX5700XT. No one cares what it cost, right!


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