ArmA 3 is a game that should be in the Steam library of every PC gamer in my opinion. It is still growing steadily, and has one of the most active and loyal communities within the PC gaming market. It is my job today to analyse what went into making Arma 3 the successful game it is today, as well as helping you to decide whether you will buy the game or not.

As I say, even if you already own Arma 3, this video should hopefully be an interesting insight and analysis of why Arma 3 works so well, and why it’s probably the root of a lot of your favourite modern games.

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P.S. Don’t forget to watch in 1440p 60FPS! (if your internet can handle it) It takes ages to render with this resolution and framerate but I think the viewing experience makes it worth it 🙂
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This video was created using some games by Bohemia Interactive, check out http://www.bistudio.com/ for
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  1. Compliments on the excellent video! I'd definitely want to add one point to the list of what makes Arma 3 different from other games: you (and people like you)! Your enthusiasm, dedication, support, and specifically video content contributes massively to the enjoyment of the game. Thanks – and keep it coming!

  2. I love Arma 3 well infact i love all the Arma games i hope BIS makes a 4th one because to this day BIS has been my favorite gaming company & it is my dream & goal to be a Marine hopefully a Marine Raider someday & that will take awhile but i can be that in Arma & no other game has such details has sooooooo much i look forward to the Future of Arma & i dont have enough words to explain how good Arma is good

  3. I got bored with your video and quit watching after your monolog about the veteran and how it changed his life and your life ect. That's great… I'm happy for the both of you, but that should be at the end of the video after the review, not in the middle or beginning. At this point I still don't know what the game is about and barely care. I saw it on sale on steam and you lost me there. Usually I'd just thumbs down and move on but you seem like you are actually "trying" to put together a decent video so this is my help. That "heart warming letter" from the vet about how the game changed his life could just as easily have been written about Mario 1 on NES, or for that matter a bag of Doritos and has NOTHING to do with what Arma III is or is about. Not to beat a dead horse but for a review video we are 7 mins in and other than a few seconds of clips of someone shooting a potential buyer at this point has NO IDEA what game play is like, how teams are setup, how matches are done, how servers are setup. I mean… is this a MMO, is everyone playing arma on one giant map? are servers broken up into small clusters of 20 people like space engineers? or 200 like rust? what? It is match based with small groups going head to head like Rainbow. I mean seriously no relevant information yet 1/2 through the video.

  4. this guy is 100% is part of the elite. listen to how its hard for him to say words! the sheer lordliness of his voice! i bet he has a chateau for a house and a lake where you would find the bones of sacrificed children and unwanted silver cutlery

  5. Love arma, but fps is a huuuge problem for me, I have a great system but even with messing around with parameters it doesnt seem to improve it that much, and unfortunately the fps does break the immersion for me.

  6. I started Arma 3 several months ago. I think it's the best game ever created, and I've been playing since Doom 1. I'm a 77-year-old Vietnam War veteran with 100% PTSD disability. I've played computer games as therapy for years (I never mentioned it to my VA therapists years ago, but I think they would understand it nowadays). When I started playing Arma 3 I started noticing the therapeutic effect again, like I haven't in years. I'm emotionally involved in the welfare of my AI troops. Only my wife understands this. Anyone else I mention it to looks at me like I was crazy. Even other veterans. It's too bad.

  7. i didn't subscribe to see more i simply subscribe because you deserve it, you're a dedicated content creator, and i applaud your efforts. I would watch more, if i had the time, but i have a Malden to liberate and ive only managed to take a quarter of the island, now ive got to assemble another task force and support the guerillas in the city

  8. Alot of servers but not so many players I could find on any. No jump is annoying. The mission editor is nice but it lacks functionality to be productive when creating structures. Expensive.

  9. Arma: the game we’re you can massacre the third reich as Halo marines, hunt dinosaurs through a Stargate, reenact Metal Gear Solid, have Battle tech style Mech duels, Hunt Charlie in the jungle, Invade Seattle as the Soviets, and save Washington D.C from Zombies.

    And never have to switch games.

    God I love this game.

  10. I just purchased Arma 3 on steam yesterday and have already fallen in love with it, ive spent most of my time in the editor so far and just learning as i go, i wont deny i am a "noob" but to be fully honest that is what makes this game so spectacular, i dont want a game i can jump into and feel like a pro right away. I want to earn the skill, i want to experience the trial and error and i love how the game doesn't try to make you take baby steps, i am so impressed with the game and look forward to playing it for a long time and hopefully working towards becoming skilled eventually, as an indie game dev who also does 3D modeling and design i am interested in the modding community although im unsure if my skills there would be of any use so if anyone has any advice or links id love to hear from you. But yes a spectacular "game" and i only use quotes as i feel that would be doing a disservice to everything that Arma 3 is.

  11. Goodbye Planetside2 and rip off Daybreak Game LLC. I've found a much better game and it doesn't rip you off with "loot boxes." This is awesome! Thanks for the video. I just had my account banned at Planetside2 because I complained about a billing dispute. No more games like that for me after spending over $700.00 in the last four months. This is my new home.


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