The Nintendo 64 is not only an iconic console, but produced a plethora of legendary games. From Super Mario 64 to Smash Bros, it’s hard to deny the impact N64 had and continues to have on the gaming market.

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  1. My life in the 90s was 4 player goldeneye and 4 player track and field on ps1, with a splash of championship manager on the side. Glorious glorious times to be kid. Endless days and nights huddled around the TV with my mates having a laugh. Oh to go back to those simpler times!

  2. I play my original console on a daily basis with a good HDMI adapter, the EON super 64, and there are finally good modern controllers for it made by Retro Fighters called the brawler64. Dope ass set-up and still cheaper than the switch or any other modern consoles. Anyhow, I think it's time you all got an N64!

  3. I was still 12 years old when one of my cousins had the N64. I remember playing two games: Super Mario 64 and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. 20 years later in 2017, I brought the N64 with my first game for the system, called Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Over time I brought more games for the system. Two of them is Super Mario 64 and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

  4. having played super mario and ocarina of time extensively, zelda was the best game on the system for me. i had some other favorites too like perfect dark, golden eye, 1080 and road rash but zelda definitely takes the cake.

  5. While the controller is weird, it was fundamental to make analog controls the new standard we use until today.
    And the PSX was not more advanced.
    The hardware of the was actually more "3D ready".
    The PSX had really poor 3D rendering and performance, but the CD-drive offered the possibility of pre-rendered stuff, like FMVs, backdrops and soundtrack.
    CD piracy, cheaper production and less restrictions on game quality made the PSX more popular than the N64


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