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“but Queen Victoria is a witty quest giver in another—the Assassins ultimately respectfully agreeing to disagree with her over the thorny topic of violent imperial expansion”

The most absurd tale was making Karl Marx out to be a hero in AC: Syndicate and then Marx giving the assassin the task of setting fire to a building filled with workers (including children) in order to steal some incriminating evidence of their employers committing employee abuse. Willing to endanger workers to indict their employers? About as hilariously ironic as it is idiotic.

I’ve learned to laugh at the nonsensical politics and pretentious ramblings of Assassin’s Creeds’ writers. It is a fun game and I really enjoy playing, but as the article implies, it lacks any sense of real depth in storytelling. The comparison to James Bond is a good one. Shallow stories with gorgeous heroes fighting grotesque caricatures of evil. Just put your brain on hold, grab the popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

source: gamezpot.com


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