The game, inspired by the golden era of skateboarding (the early ’90s through the early 2000s), is headed to Steam Early Access on September 17, 2019, and Xbox Game Preview in October 2019. The PC early access version of Session will include true stance-stick controls: each “stick” controls one foot to replicate real skating while highlighting the difficulty of “switch” tricks. The skateable environment is a 1:1 scale of New York focused on lower Manhattan, featuring the legendary Brooklyn Banks and surrounding Financial District. The full game is expected to release in 2020.

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  1. all the negitive comments are from sped kids who are salty for some reason. game looks perfect for a early access . hint early access . they are doing you the favour because you been wining non stop to play a skate game duh

  2. I really hope people put their money where their mouths are and support this game. I wanna see it release on PS4 eventually too (or PS5 at this point). If it does well enough, imagine the scale of a Session. 2! More incredible licensed music, famous skaters, tons of branded clothes and skateboard gear? All possible if it goes really well. Companies will gladly work to promote their product if it's selling.

  3. The reason I love this game is because of the accomplishments you u feel when you land tricks. Sure, since I’m coming from Skate 3, the controls are a nightmare to get used to, but does it mean their bad controls? Of course not. I love this game with a passion already and can’t wait to see what comes from the developers soon!

  4. Tried the game for 1h and gonna return it.
    Those controls are horrible! I played many skateboarding games before and I'm sick of always having to relearn the controls, especially from Session they are really annoying.
    Sad, cuz I thought finally we got a fun Skateboarding game for pc.


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