Humankind is the new game from Amplitude studios, and it lets you change the course of history. Matt saw it in action at Gamescom 2019.

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  1. Honestly, swapping civilizations around is kinda… Less than I was expecting. Maybe if they limited the civilizations by ethnic group or something. It just feels weird that Germany would descend from Egypt. Maybe Egypt could become the Ottoman Empire or the Seleucid Empire or something. i dunno. Something with a real direct historical link. The German empire didn't spring out of nothing, it was the product of a long descent from the bronze-age Germanic tribes. Ignoring that isn't what I was hoping for when I heard about this game. Honestly, I would prefer if they did away with real civilizations and just let each game organically evolve into something unique. I'm imagining that my people don't even have a cultural identity at the start of the game, but based on the environment and choices i make, I can craft a custom cultural identity that uniquely defines who my people are. The traits and abilities could be selected from real-world civilizations, but the individual civilization I created would be my own. That would be a way more engaging game than swapping cultures 6 times per game, especially at specific, defined points. Putting a concrete limit on how long you're allowed to be civilization X feels bad.

  2. if you want to reflect reality then why not have those cultures get new/lose old traits era by era? like the persians becoming modern iran? or romans eventually becoming italian?
    because this obviously does not reflect reality. otherwise this game would have humans occupying every single area of the map by 9000 bc. without cities obviously, and such. so frankly no. hittites shouldn't just become germans, then americans somehow. :l
    ofc this is an arcadey game from what i tell so whatever ig. hopefully its fun, and mod friendly.

  3. Wow this looks fun, I had no idea this was a thing. Only heard about it today. I really don't know what it is about Civ VI…I find myself not being able to play it for more than 10 minutes before yearning to go right back to Civ V.
    Still loving the hell out of Civ V, but will be nice to check out this game once it comes out.

  4. Love 4x games, but this feature honestly turned me off. Making cultures a "melting pot" in which you arbitrarily switch civs each age erodes the uniqueness of each faction and trades in realism for a very gamey mechanic.

    Still open to see what the finished product + reviews will be like. Maybe my mind will change.


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