AT&T will credit MLB Extra Innings and MLS Direct Kick subscribers.

Angela Lang/CNET

AT&T on Tuesday said it will give DirecTV customers who subscribed to MLB Extra Innings and MLS Direct Kick credits for payments already made. Future charges have been postponed “until we learn more from the leagues,” the company said in an update on its site. 

The move comes as professional baseball and soccer seasons, as well as other sports, have been postponed or suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AT&T said it’s also extending its cancellation policy for MLB Extra Innings and MLS Direct Kick so that customers can cancel their subscription two weeks from when the season starts. 

“We continue to monitor the situation closely and are in contact with programmers and sports leagues as they plan their next steps,” AT&T wrote on its site. “Any rebates we receive from programmers and sports leagues will be provided to our customers.”

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