With over 220 rows of case testing data, it’s time to work through our gaming PC case benchmarks from 2019 to look for best thermals, noise, design, and quality.
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Our 2019 computer case round-up analyzes the best gaming PC cases (or just cases in general) for thermals, build quality, design, noise levels, noise-normalized thermals and thermal efficiency, and unique features. We’ll also be covering some of the worst trends for the year, as is clearly deserved. New gaming PC builds start coming together around #BlackFriday every year, and so we’re here to talk about the top cases we’ve reviewed this year.

CASES FEATURED (in order of appearance)


Phanteks P400A Digital (Amazon): https://geni.us/tRWsjmK


Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (Amazon): https://geni.us/hsTXndD


Cooler Master NR600 (Amazon): https://geni.us/Lw0P


Phanteks P400A Digital (Amazon): https://geni.us/tRWsjmK


Fractal Meshify S2* (see notes in video) (Amazon): https://geni.us/lK1zQJZ


NZXT H710 (Amazon): https://geni.us/3JB5oTz


Not actually an award, we just know people will ask about this case: Lian Li Lancool II (Amazon listing not live)

WORST TREND IN CASES: Pointless Product Segmentation!

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Host, Editorial, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman

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  1. Be aware! Lianli O11 Dynamic XL case is the most terribly engineered case I've ever seen. Many parts are either over-engineered or counter-intuitive. It has way more moving parts and hard to assemble/disassemble.
    I can tell you this review is not objective.

  2. The fact people put sooooo much thought into a computer case that they wont buy because the paint might have a .0001% affect on airflow woooow Get a life people, thats just sad you are so lonely that you fill your time with such trivial things.

  3. Would be better if there was a "Best cases you can still buy of all time" video to go along with this video. Not exactly interested in 2019 only cases just want something that isn't hot garbage for under $70 like the vast majority of cases.

  4. I'm currently in the planning stages of my first build and this video was perfect and hit all the marks for what I want to know when looking into a case. Thank you for the great video!

  5. so these are the best cases of 2019, how do these cases compare to previous years?
    would it be safe to say that the P400A is hitting the realm of the best of all time? or is there another list that caters to that higher echelon of cases…


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