Rextroy is one smart World of Warcraft player. How smart, you ask? Well, last week he discovered a genius strategy to kill a raid boss in a single hit, and in his most recent YouTube video, he’s come up with a way to kill other max-level players without wearing any gear—often with just a single attack. It’s ridiculous, but that sums up 99 percent of everything Rextroy pulls off in World of Warcraft.

What’s impressive is how Rextroy is able to manipulate some of World of Warcraft’s PvP balancing systems to do the impossible. Typically, players are only ever as good as the armor they wear, which provides big boosts to your character stats like strength, agility, or intellect. But, if you watch the video above, Rextroy doesn’t need armor to deal out enormous damage that reliably kills other players in one hit.



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