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Product Description




Why You Want it

Boosts 4G LTE Voice & Data

Bring you fast data while streaming videos or photos in home;

Supports voice over LTE(VoLTE, not 3g voice), this allows you to place phone calls over LTE connection rather than the older 2G/3G networks.

Support Multiple Users

Supports multiple simultaneous connections to accommodate family members and guests.

Large Coverage & Low Loss Cable

The high gain panel/yagi antennas can extend your coverage up to 4500sq ft. The indoor/outdoor antennas come with 20ft/50ft lower signal loss RG58 cable.


Frequency Range: Band 12/17, Band 13

Max. Gain: 65dB

Max. Output Power: 20dBm

Automatic Gain Control: ≧20dB

I/O Port: N-female

Impedance: 50 ohm

Power Supply: Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz, Output DC 5V


Things Pre-purchase Check:

The booster can only amplify signal but can’t create signal. If there is no signal outside, it won’t work, please make sure you get 1-2 bars signal outside.The booster can only boost signal for cell phones on band 12/17 and band 13, Please check which band your cell phone is using by the methods below:

For iPhone:

Dial *3001#12345#*, then press Call buttonClick ‘Serving Cell Info’Check ‘Freq Band Indicator’;

For Android phone:

Download and install “LTE Discovery” APP,Click ‘SIGNALS’ and check band number.

This is a Consumer device. Before use, you must register this device with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent.

How to register the booster with your provider:

Just google your provider and signal booster registration, plug in the address and input the Model number, FCC ID and S/N (on the label of booster).

Frequency Band

Band 2 and Band 5

Band 12/17 and Band 13

Band 2, Band 4, Band 5, Band 12/17 and Band 13

Band 2, Band 4, Band 5, Band 12/17 and Band 13

Antenna Type





Mainly Boost Voice or Data



Voice & Data

Voice & Data

Internal Coverage

Up to 4500sq ft

Up to 1000sq ft

Up to 4500sq ft

Up to 1000sq ft

【SUPPORT ALL CELLULAR DEVICES】 Boosts cell service for iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc all brand phones and multiple users.
【AUTOMATIC SIGNAL ADJUSTMENTS】 The booster can sense the cellular environment intelligently and adjust for maximum signal performance. That is to say, once the booster is installed, you never need to adjust it again no matter how the local signal environment may change.
【LARGE COVERAGE】 Directional indoor wall-mount panel antenna provides wide coverage for larger living/working areas by broadcasting signal in the direction it is pointed.
【PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED】 FCC Certified, 30-day money-back guarantee, 3-month free replacement, 5-year manufacturer warranty. Professional Technical Support!


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