What we have here is the classic adventure with an evil wizard that kidnaps the Princess from the Prince and turns him into a frog. You are the Prince, or you were, because now you are a frog, and now you have to find a way to defeat the wizard so you can get back to the princess and get a kiss so you can turn normal again.

The Evil Wizard King has a lot of minions, they are also wizards and they are dressed in purple. If these enemies are on the screen you will need to defeat them first before it is possible to go to the next screen. You defeat the wizards by hitting them with your tongue, this will paralyze them, but only for some seconds, and you have to get them all paralyzed at once before they are defeated, but watch out for their lightning bolts!

There is several other types of enemies but it is only the purple wizards you have to defeat, all others have to be avoided. The enemies is one part of the game, another part is that you also have to find a lot of objects and figure out how to use these correct, so this is an arcade adventure game!

You can do two types of jumping; if you press up you will do a moderate jump, and if you press up + left/right you will do a long and higher jump. The objects you need to interact with you either just have to walk into or you have to use your tongue on them.

The game is based on a classic adventure but it is a highly original Spectrum game. You have to get used to control the frog, and the level design and enemy types is also very special. The graphics looks good with good use of colors, and it is a fine and challenging game. It is not easy to defeat the purple wizards and the puzzle elements is also very well made, and the game features three pieces of fine music.

You can choose between level Easy and Hard by pressing the keys A and B and you have infinite lives, so there is no excuse for not completing this game.

There is some bugs and glitches in this game, actually quite a lot (graphics from the frog’s crown stays when the frog is gone, and enemies sometimes don’t move), which is a shame, because if it was bug free it was really a super game and would be rated higher. If you can not proceed because of stuck enemies try to re-enter the screen or lose a life, this usually solves the problem. Hopefully a bug fixed version will come.

The game was made by Gabriele Amore in 2019.

Rating = 90%

Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ccntw7ldz9mrqo7/AABD3yWC359WjTX73mFrawf0a?dl=0


  1. Графоний супер.. ) но геймплей несколько однообразен. А музыка хоть и красивая но блин, музыканты, делайте игровую музыку а не переработку поп музыки )


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