Dr. Dre Blames Social Media For Ruining Artists Mystique As His Business Partner, Jimmy Iovine, Says It Could Have Saved The Life Of A Legendary Music Star

Social media is an excellent tool for many people, but critics say it has changed society for the worse. The effects of this new technology on the music industry have been interesting to follow.

Hip hop music legend Dr. Dre believes that social media has changed the way fans see their favorite artists and their creative process.

For the rap mogul, the social networking websites have removed a layer of mystery that was beneficial for the artist and how their craft was presented.

The mentor of rap music sensations like Eminem and 50 Cent shared in a new interview with British GQ: “I probably would’ve hated social media when I was coming up. Because there’s a certain mystique that gets destroyed, you know? I like the mystique. I like waiting. I don’t need anybody to know where I am every minute or what I’m doing. Or what I’m about to do. There’s a certain mystique that came along with music that was entertaining to wait to see what was about to happen.”

Dre’s business partner, Jimmy Iovine, decided to throw a joke in there: “Old men do things they shouldn’t do. One of them is wearing V-neck t-shirts. And the other one is go on Instagram.”

Snoop Dogg’s pal conceded: “I do have a couple of V-necks, though.” Supporters do not agree with what Dre said because they believe that social media has helped expose artists who were up to no good in their personal life.

On a serious note, Iovine explained: “I don’t know the impact of Instagram, it’s not mutual. If Michael Jackson had Instagram, would he have ended up healthier? Who knows. I think what’s happened is, ‘great’ was never behind fame as much as it is now. Fame is what the currency is. Likes or whatever the stuff is. So fame, and if you happen to be great … musicians up until recently, that’s why people put music out every day. That’s marketing. But not all of its great because that’s impossible. I think ‘great’ has pulled back a little bit.”

The successful duo is working on building their own high school in California, and it is going to be free.

Iovine added: “We’re starting it right outside of USC. And it’s for that neighborhood. And it’s going to be free. We’re doing it with Laurene Powell Jobs [Steve Jobs’ widow] and XQ [a fund launched in 2015 to change state schooling in America] and the USC. We want to give underrated kids an edge. We want to market our high school; we want to make it appealing for kids to stay in school and learn. Most don’t want to be there.”


Do you think Dre is right about the impact of social media?

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