Tina Knowles took to social media to share never-before-seen pics of both herself and daughter, Beyonce when they were just babies! That being said, fans could not get over how much alike they looked in the old snaps!

It is really difficult to differentiate baby-Bey and baby-Tina when it turns out that they look like one and the same!

In other words, the two women were pretty much identical twins in the throwback baby photos the proud mother posted on her Instagram yesterday.

The two images were shared in the form of a side-by-side snap so the resemblance was as clear as possible but it was more of a spot the difference challenge!

Not only do they look alike because they share DNA but the tots in the images were even wearing similar outfits – white, frilly dresses and bonnets!

Finally, both baby girls were looking up, in the distance, their identical, big brown eyes captivating everyone.

One follower commented: ‘Wow! It looks like the same baby on 2 different occasions. I hope that when I have my first daughter she would be twinning me too! This is so cute!!!’

Many others also pointed out how similar they looked, someone writing that: ‘She stole your whole face.’

This comes after the mother of Beyonce and Solage attempted to dance to ‘Savage’ during Bey’s verse, admitting that the daughters did not get their dancing talent from her.

She posted the clip on her IG and in the caption, she wrote: ‘Haaaa!!! Yeah i know they didn’t get their dance moves from me!! They got em from their daddy! it’s okay i still like to dance!!!!!’

But fans and fellow celeb friends still loved it!

Kerry Washington, for instance, commented simply: ‘Goals!’


Meanwhile, actress Octavia Spencer gushed over Tina as well and encouraged her: ‘You better werk!’

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