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July 2019’s list of the top 10 best board games is designed to help you find the best new board games that you may not have known about!

How does our list compare to yours? Which games are on YOUR top 10 list of the best games for July 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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Games discussed this month include:

oan of Arc is set during the 100 Years War, when kings struggled for France’s throne, and chivalry was often spoken of, but rarely practiced. This story-driven game is a combination of card play, resource management, and position tactical board maneuvers. Scenarios range from small skirmishes featuring a few characters and simplified role-play elements, to full blown battles with dozens of knights, archers and men-at-arms. The game also includes a battle mode, allowing battles between custom-made armies.

Root is a game of adventure and war in which 2 to 4 (1 to 6 with the ‘Riverfolk’ expansion) players battle for control of a vast wilderness. The nefarious Marquise de Cat has seized the great woodland, intent on harvesting its riches. Under her rule, the many creatures of the forest have banded together. This Alliance will seek to strengthen its resources and subvert the rule of Cats. In this effort, the Alliance may enlist the help of the wandering Vagabonds who are able to move through the more dangerous woodland paths. Though some may sympathize with the Alliance’s hopes and dreams, these wanderers are old enough to remember the great birds of prey who once controlled the woods. In Root, players drive the narrative, and the differences between each role create an unparalleled level of interaction and replayability. Leder Games invites you and your family to explore the fantastic world of Root!

Taking flight from spot thirteen to land at number one this month is Wingspan by Stonemaier Games. Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game in which players are bird watchers, ornithologists, researchers and collectors – all seeking to discover and attract the best birds to their network of wildlife preserves. Demonstrating that even in the world of tabletop games, even environmental conservation is rife with competition. The game includes 170 unique cards featuring fabulous feathered illustrations, custom dice and a tailor-made Game Trayz insert, 75 egg miniatures, a birdfeeder dice tower, and other components designed with an avian touch. Wingspan will be soaring into retailers on March 8th. In the meantime, if you wet your beak, you can try out a digital version of the game that’s available right now on the Tabletopia online platform

Journeys in Middle-earth is a fully co-operative, app-supported board game for one to five players. Each individual session of the game is a single adventure in a larger campaign. Players will explore the vast and dynamic landscapes of Middle-earth, using their skills to survive the challenges that they encounter on their perilous quests. As the heroes explore the wilderness and battle the dark forces arrayed against them, the game’s companion app guides them to reveal the looming forests, quiet clearings, and ancient halls of Middle-earth, while also controlling the enemies that they encounter. Whether you play the part of a courageous hero, or a double-crossing no good swindler, there’s a lot to explore and discover in this adaptation of the Middle-earth mythos.

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All the games in the July 2019 Top 10 board games countdown are:

10. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (NEW)
9. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles (-4)
8. Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1 (+6)
7. Terraforming Mars (-1)
6. Root (+2)
5. The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth (-4)
4. Star Wars: Outer Rim (+18)
3. Wingspan (-1)
2. Gloomhaven (+1)
1. The 7th Continent (+6)


  1. Set a watch was a Kickstarter game i missed but bought from the developer. It looks like alot of strategic decisions with a minimum amount off components in 1-1.5 hours playtime. Perfect for me.

  2. Loved this video! Is it possible to display the game weight along with the rating and other info for each spot? that’s a major determining factor on the games I buy

  3. Fantasy Flight. For the love of God. Please add some subtle musical variations to the app. After playing the game, I have the same slightly irritated feeling I have after falling asleep while leaving a DVD movie menu (with music) on a continuous loop.

  4. It isn't all rules questions. There is simply more discussion going on for games with huge amounts of sprawling content.

    In my experience, the games with sprawling content also tend to hit the table a lot more (or for longer) by the people who love them. Players tend to think about them more, etc.

    There are a lot of people who love an easy to learn Euro game, but many of these gamers want to learn a new rules set every month. Some have told me that an average game tends to get played 3 times- ever. They look at the price tag on a sprawling content game and say "I could buy X number of other games for that much."

    The thing is, if they buy ten games instead of picking up Kingdom Death: Monster (that number is on the conservative end) those ten games will probably be played 1/10th as much. The gamer's excitement will be spread out over the tend different games.

    And Hotness should definitely be a measurement of what gamers are excited about.

  5. This list needs to be reimagined. I watch every month but it's always boring because 7 to 9 games are the same ones as last time.

    Do a top ten hotness bit limit repeat somehow. Maybe only allow a particular game to make the list once per year, or once period. Or, only allow a repeat game if it actually has something new to announce like an expansion or some big event thats coming like a tournament. If theres nothing new to say, take your executive power and dont mention it.

  6. The hotness list definitely needs to take into consideration the "traffic bias". I'm not sure I could offer a solution for how to better rank what the hottest new games are, but I'd start with idea of 'weight classes'. Heavy-weight games like Gloomhaven, mid-weight games like Horrified, and light-weight games like Letter Jam. This raises the obvious problem of how to restructure a series that I'm sure many viewers have come to enjoy and rely on, and that's no easy task. But to answer your question us yes. The "traffic bias" especially on a forum on boardgamegeek definitely favors complex miniature based games.


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