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AngryJoe counts down the Top 10 BEST Games of 2019! And shares a new way to support the show moving into the new Decade!

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  1. I rly need to get a job so I can become a patron cuz y’all have been consistently fu*** top tier these last 10 years. So consistent, never taking yourself too seriously, never attacking anyone (maybe companies lol). I urge all of you you to become patrons

  2. Joe did you forget that MK10 was absolute pure trash that had to literally be pulled from the market and re-released months later as a free to play game with premium DLC ?

  3. Good list,but i missed Metro: Exodus,and my favourire of 2019: Remnant : From the ashes. Ok,i know,Remnant isn't a AAA title,but the biggest suprise for me. " Dark Souls with guns"- and it's true:)
    Hard as hell,cool and much harder bosses,interesting post-apocalyptic world,tons of guns,armors,weapons mods. And funny as helk with multiplayer:)

  4. its weird because for your 3rd pick borderlands 3 in review you bashed it quite well im surprised to see you give
    it such high praise in your top 10 list

  5. I agree on all but one…….CoD MW!!! I don't trust it after the Black Ops 4 debacle!! It turned me off the series. All others seem like great games to play though

  6. Joe,
    It would mean a lot if you told us how many games you played this year that qualify to be on the list.
    If you only played the top 10 and the worst 16, then the 10th from one list is near the 16th from the other, but if you played 100, top 10 would mean more.

  7. Joe if you like Ninja and Samurai games you have to try Nioh 1 and 2 which arefar superior in many aspects compared to other soulslike games even to every games from From Software 🙂

  8. @AngryJoeShow You guys need to play Hunt : Showdown a Woefully under appreciated gem of a game with a steep learning curve and high skill ceiling. Would love to see what you guys think of it in a future video.


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