Have you been busy working all day long on your laptop or on that home DIY project that required time, effort, and a good drill such as a magnetic one? In this case, all you long for might be a cold beer or an hour of break, in front of your favorite series. However, there’s one more step you shouldn’t skip – disinfecting the surfaces you touched. During the ongoing pandemic, we are advised to do this frequently in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Here are some good practices to keep in mind.

What surfaces should I frequently clean and disinfect?

The most straightforward answer is – all the surfaces you touch on a daily basis, several times a day. These might include, but are surely not limited to, the following: your keyboard and mouse, your mobile phone, the handles of your doors, drawers, closet, the fridge door, the surface of the table where you eat, your desk, and any similar surfaces.

If you are a handyperson and you often work on different projects, especially during this period when you spend so much time at home, you should also be mindful regarding your tools. These can also be included among the items you should frequently disinfect.

Especially if you are not working from home during the pandemic, and you have contact with people outside your household, which poses more risks of catching the virus as compared with those who spend more time at home, you should be more thorough and strict in cleaning and disinfecting your objects and home.

Moreover, if you have to share the same objects with co-workers, you should disinfect these items each day before you start your shift and also at the end of each working day in order to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus in case someone at your workplace is infected.

Properly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces during the coronavirus pandemic

There are different types of EPA-approved cleaning products that can help you properly disinfect your objects. Based on the type of surface you want to disinfect, you might have to make different choices.

You can clean your floor or tiles with a product that contains bleach. However, you cannot apply the same solution for electronic devices or gadgets. Therefore, your keyboard, mouse or phone will be disinfected either with wet wipes, which are the most practical solution or with a disinfectant and a clean cloth.

One aspect that many people disregard when cleaning their personal items is the time that has to pass after they have been cleaned. You shouldn’t clean your surfaces and then start touching them right away. In fact, it is recommended to wait between 3 to 5 minutes before you start using that surface again. During this time, the surface should be able to dry completely.

If you are looking for safe ways to clean your phone, you should be able to find more details on the manufacturer’s website or in the instructions your phone was provided with. Not every type of wet wipes is suitable for all phones. Some cleaning products will leave ugly marks. Others might even contain substances that can damage your phone.

Also, it goes without saying that you should not use water with any of your electronic devices as you risk irreparable damage.

Final thoughts

Last, but not least, the aspect that is most frequently highlighted these days is the importance of cleaning our hands. Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces you frequently touch aims at limiting the spread of the virus that can survive on them. However, it is just as important to frequently wash your hands with soap and water!


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