Georgia governor walks back teen driving test waiver


The thought of inexperienced teen drivers blasting through this interchange without having taken a drive test is pretty scary, right?

Wikimedia Commons

Hey, remember when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp removed the requirement for teens to take a state driving test in order to get their license during the coronavirus outbreak?

Yeah, it would appear as though he’s walked that decision back somewhat. A report by WSB-TV2 Atlanta states that in addition to changes to the governor’s plans to reopen the state, he signed a new executive order amending the driver’s license test waiver to act merely as an extension.

By extension, he means that all of those 20,000 kids who went and got their driver’s licenses without taking the driving test now have until Sept. 30, 2020, to do so, or their licenses will be considered invalid.

Now, it would seem that — based on the language used the first time around, anyway — this new executive order is more of a response to criticism from the media and others than it is a real clarification on the previous order.

Still, it’s an improvement. The last thing that Georgia’s roads need is even more wild drivers making like Spaghetti Junction is part of the Fury Road.

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