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Monopoly Live Casino Game – Game of the Year 2019

In this video we present you monopoly live casino game and how this works. And we provide clear evidence of why this game can`t be manipulated, can’t fake, and can’t rigged.

Music: Monopoly Live Casino Game recorded
Any video source: Evolution Gaming YouTube Channel

Narration: Mate Szabo
Thanks for any help: VAN.


  1. They are instructed how this works, like you are saying. Before they going to be a dealer in monopoly they are training in simular weel in backstage. So they can let the 4roll past in many hour if they have the right position and power on the weel. Of course they not do, but it possible.

  2. If you are talking about it being fixed it's more about how it brakes and how a computer quickly calculates the best/widest portion of the table with the lowest bets.This means the brake doesn't have to be so sudden and predictable to see and can hit in a range of 1/3 or 4 numbers in which payouts are some of the lowest but not necessarily the worst every time etc.

  3. 1) Playtech also is licensed and still we got the brake scandal , did they lose their license after the incident … absolutely not
    2) if Playtech can do this, I don't see why evolution gaming can't do this as well
    3) licenses, there are a lot of misconceptions about licenses
    I'm into accountancy and auditing … companies get their licenses MORE based on auditing and accountancy check ups, to get a license these authorities check things like liquidity, solvability, financial plans and business plans, bookkeeping and auditing checks
    when a company gets a license, it gets a license for lets say 10 or more years
    in the mean time they invent new games, so it's absolute nonsense that license has to do with casino games themselves, because some even were not invented and developed yet the moment they've got their license
    4) Evolution Gaming and others need to PAY MGA etc an annual fee of +- 30k / 40k
    this company also needs to profit … so there is almost no incentive to take action against companies like Evolution Gaming
    5) the flapper is absolutely controlled … there is no doubt AT ALL on my mind
    they are able to change the resistive force of that flapper

    and it's EXTREMELY easy actually to figure out why ?
    a) I did this with a two videos comparing technique, the indication is SUPER high that DURING the spinning wheel procedure and especially at the end the resistive force of the flapper CHANGES
    b) now think about this: if the wheel spins to the right … you need a resistive force to the left and if the wheel spins to the left you need a resistive force to the right … now tell me , if nobody touches the flapper , how do they change this resistive force direction vector ??? it's wireless, digital
    if they can do this , they can control the flapper whenever they want, because it's wireless nobody sees it
    c) the flapper would lose resistive force over time … I have been there literally for hours and hours and hours , NEVER I've seen they changed the flapper with a new fresh one, NEVER !!
    d) watch video " bobapaca , flapper broken " and you will see there's a stick inside the flapper

    I have a controlling auditing attitude and I put my hand in the fire when I say it's scripted and controlled !!!!

  4. i love this game but it is controlled, wheel go at a fast enough speed to pass good numbers and then it is sudden slowdown to stay in low numbers in between, it pays good when it has collected enough

    money, just like slot machines, the host get the blame but they only create the illusion of spinning the wheel.

  5. the dice are magnetic when they roll in that glass part they shake until it lands on a number they want plus dice its self are rigged it doesn't even have t o be

  6. dude sorry but this is mathematical bullshit – u have to do it over 10'000 times. 256 dont say anything about the probability of this game. Do it again over 10'000 and then we compare ur suspect.
    But yeah ur right, i also dont think that monopoly is rigged or a scam. To me it looks very consistantly. If someone has a other opinion, so then just dont play it. but for me it works and i have a lot of fun with that game 🙂

  7. i got a question for you.
    first. about the online casino and the process of getting "checks" about being honest and license etc.. in everything literally everything in this world there are corrupt parts .. even in the police force where they swear to protect civilians there corrupt cops. you get what i wanna say i assume. So….
    what are those little dots when the camera focus to the flapper. the small black dots on the rim.
    as i checked those arent screws to hold the golden rim around the wheel bcs they are more deeper inside and they dont always appear when the golden rim pieces meet.
    so my question is. couldnt those be sensors ,sensoring the flapper so they could "brake" the wheel any time they want?
    you might say "bro… are you fuckin out of this world.. " but i have to tell you that every casino not only online casinos are fuckin scammers. there are documentaries about casinos and the odds
    piece bro

  8. I think everyone needs to remember that the flapper has a huge part in the game, the flapper of course get less stiffer the more spins made with that flapper. This is why they have maintenance because the flapper is in need of a change. The where it just spins and spins perfect example, nothing stoping the wheel so of course it will spin. I’ve played this game so many times I really feel it’s a 100% fair, you can you can lose.

  9. Its casino dude of course its every casino game it takes 10 and give back 1..the only luck there is to bet at the 1 maybe 2 spins that will give a big win..

  10. Evolution is Home of MANY SCAMS.

    Monopoly reel is controlled %200 where you can see MANY indicators on Youtube even if you're dumb.


    All the roullets have a system called GFL OPTIMISATION (Gaming Floor Live’s Optimisation Module) that enables casino operators to see accurate real-time data from across their gaming floor, allowing them to make instant changes to increase efficiency and help implement change processes which can save them time and money for the casino. This system is LEGAL in LATVIA, so the studios are in LATVIA. You can see this information on the site of those roulettes manufactor "TCS John Huxley LONDON".

    Your video is bullshit and you are fcking dumb too.


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