After their explosive fight on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley continued their argument on social media! As fans of the reality TV show are aware, Kyle was not a fan of the fact that Dorit put her glam look before her friend Teddi Mellencamp’s wellness retreat!

During the episode, Kyle told the other lady that ‘You came late you can’t leave early. I am trying to be respectful and I do not want to hurt anybody’s feelings. I have been up since 5 AM.’

That is when Dorit revealed that she had been awake even earlier – 4 AM – causing Kyle to be confused when it comes to the reason why she’d wake up so early.

‘I have a f***ing life, Kyle. I did not wake up to just come straight here,’ the swimsuit designer replied.

Their back and forth was not the end of their drama as while the episode was airing, that scene in particular, Kyle tweeted: ‘Saying you having a f***ing life but came late just because you wanted your hair and make up done doesn’t exactly classify as having a life. First of all, I wasn’t upset with Dorit in the beginning … I just do not get putting vanity / glam before friendship. It all went south when she said that she had a f***ing life.’

Dorit also shared her side of the story on Twitter as well, although she did not directly address Kyle’s post.

Instead, she argued that she did not want to sit an extra hour in traffic or go the entire day without seeing her kids.


‘I was there for 9 hours + 4 hours of driving. What I choose to do in my personal time is my business – whether it’s glamming, taking pics for Instagram, or promoting my brand #beverlybeach,’ she added.

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